Leaky Taps

Well, it seems as though we have some leaks and issues with taps in our houses of government. There have been a lot of accusations, now common, from President Trump and a massive load of documents dumped by WikiLeaks that have caused a whole bunch of questions and debate aimed at drawing the public’s attention.

First, let’s look at the claim by President Trump that his phones were “tapped” by the Obama administration. Unfortunately, our president has been Twitter happy and this is how he chose to fire off an allegation saying,

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Now, unless Trump is sitting on some kind of proof we have an epic fail here. Many believe that his “proof” came from a conservative-leaning news site called Breitbart in an article detailing the alleged malfeasance by the Obama administration. To save time I will simply say that there is some factual information in the article but nothing that confirms these allegations as fact. Also, it is mostly just points scraped together from other articles and presented in the form of a timeline.

Finally, we have heard from the FBI’s own angry director Mr. James Comey stating that there is no evidence he is aware of to support President Trumps tweets. This is not good for Trumps Twitter account because it doesn’t bode well when we have a leader slinging accusations without proof. Without that evidence it just looks like the current leader demonizing the exiting one. Sean Spicer has pointed out that the president did not literally mean a “tap” but was describing surveillance. Whether this is true or not is highly debatable given the sheer volume of tweets from Trump that have demonstrated direct accusations.

Moving on to the leaky portion of today’s blog, The CIA. Could you hear the evil music? Apart from being closed on the weekends, the CIA has done something totally expected. They have been exposed like a pet eating your holiday meal left unattended in the kitchen. They know they weren’t supposed to but you left it there so it isn’t technically their fault, right? WRONG!

The CIA has been developing technology that is capable of digging into your phones and even television sets. The goal is to record conversations among other things in an effort to combat terrorist activity. Many of you may remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 in which the government or “Big Brother” was able to spy on citizens through their television sets. This fiction has become reality. While making sure we are safe is important we are left to believe an agency guilty of privacy violations and questionable activities has purely altruistic intentions.

While it would be great to have the alphabet agencies always use their power for lawful reasons, I have my doubts. The history of the CIA is not exactly glowing with altruism. There is plenty of information out there that details the torture of prisoners and detainees. Also, we have joint operations such as Operation Mongoose which was aimed at the assai nation of Castro. There are no shortages of crazy stories that involve the CIA. Not to mention the little no governmental oversight they enjoy.

We need to be protected, there is no doubt of this need. We must be careful how much freedom we allow an agency to have when it comes to funding and operating at home and abroad. Collecting information should not include what we have to say in the privacy of our home. Stopping criminals and terrorists is important but we must remember that words like these can be manipulated and so can information.

Image credit: http://telecoms.com/19467/operators-worldwide-leaking-40bn-annually-in-revenue-says-kpmg/leaky-tap/

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