The Edge of Madness

The world is a scary place. While it can be tempting to file in behind your favorite online or on-air personalities, be careful about putting too much faith in these media companies. Most of the major news sources follow an agenda. While some are pretty easy to spot like Fox News and CNN, you need to pay close attention and try researching on your own.

Tactics used to manipulate citizens are many and far reaching. The televised news will continually blast a “News Alert” of some kind whether or not the story has any substance. Flashy graphics and re-used photos are designed to grab attention and/or strike fear into the viewing audience. Social media outlets design posts called click-bait that will use similar tactics so you will click on the post. Often times you are led to a story that is just a pitch for the latest diet pill or campaign ad. Even more nefarious are the deliberate attempts to insert stories into your social media feed in an effort to manipulate your mood. This link will take you to a story about the experiment conducted by Facebook to manipulate the emotions of almost a million users. Before they asked for your permission. The results were published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Much of the research I have been reading tends to be slanted towards alt-right groups and extremists. The alt-right refers to the more extreme right-wing groups up to and including white-supremacists. Those at the far right are not the only groups focused on pushing their views and gaining visibility in the media. While they are easily shown to be horrible because of their beliefs, they are not a majority in our country. I am happy that these groups post their views and meet in public because I can see them. Knowing your enemy is far better than forcing them into the shadows.

Far left groups such as the recent attention grabbers known as Antifa have turned something good into an outlet for anger and angst. Being against fascism will never get an argument from this guy. This use of violence though is fighting fire with fire and not using a controlled burn. This obsession with quelling the voices of white supremacist groups only serves to empower them. The media has taken small demonstrations and blown them way out of proportion. A bunch of rednecks chant around a statue. That is not news, it is sad. There was no revolution or homegrown terror threat. That “News Alert” should have stated, “Sad fascists ruined a perfectly good evening spewing hate under a statue. Sorry to waste your time. In real news..” End of report. This serves only as a reminder how stupidity and hate remain, not a valid use of fear porn to garner ratings.

Remember that the media uses their reporting in the same way that movies and shows draw you in to their story. We have two sides and they are typically portrayed as good or bad, right or wrong. Also, we have been groomed to see these reports and even those reporting and the channels themselves through the lens of the Left/Right paradigm. This way the media reports can tailor their rhetoric in such a way that it feels like they really see things your way. BEWARE my friends. The stories you see are often created to elicit a reaction. Think about whether or not what you are watching is designed to cause an emotional response. Who will benefit from the outcome? Most important, what else is happening that may be far more important than what you are watching? Have they proposed a problem and then waited for the reaction? What is the solution being offered? Does said solution affect your rights or freedoms in any way?


Please understand that speaking out against the government does not mean you are un-American. This is actually the most American thing you can do because it keeps the empire honest to a certain degree. Should we choose to remain silent, those in power will continue to push down the public and line their pockets at our expense. The media will manipulate us so that we remain distracted and docile which allows those in power to remain their indefinitely. Always question what you are consuming through written form or through video and television. Labeling those who would question official narratives as a conspiracy theorist or nut-job is counter productive and certainly only benefits those who would attempt to manipulate facts for their benefit. We are the last line in the sand, threatened by the ever rising tide of malfeasance.

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